"We speak to the business of managing your people, this is Human Capital."

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Human Capital

is a commercially focused approach to people management. We understand that Medium Enterprises are constantly reorganising in order to remain competitive and sustainable. Robin Human Capital specialise in three key areas of enterprise; risk containment, the conveyance of culture and performance alignment.

How healthy is your business?

Using a targeted diagnostic tool benchmarking across six critical areas such as Internal business systems, People, and Strategy, we can help you understand the health of your business.Find out whether your business activity is aligned with your strategy, and if you are actually on track to meet your business goals. Contact us now for a complimentary health check before July 30th.

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Aimee Zahorodny

Owner and Principal

  • BA Arts (Psychology)
  • Graduate Diploma Applied Psychology
  • Master of Human Resource Management (Employee & Industrial Relations)

Our Business

Robin Human Capital is passionate about partnering with businesses to ensure that your people activity is aligned with business goals, and strategies, by providing business outcomes that minimise your people risk, and maximise performance and profitability. Our services range from one-off, and project based solutions, to working with your leadership team to manage your human capital activities on a regular basis.

As Human Capital Coaches we strongly believe that businesses don’t make decisions, people do, and that considering the human experience and impact and within organisations is critical to success. By partnering with your team to align people, performance and profit, we are driven by the prospect of adding substantial value to the businesses that we partner with.

Robin Human Capital provides services to the business sector on practical human capital management. Further we are a member of the HR Coach Network, the largest provider of the Human Resources solutions to the business sector with over 70 offices across Australia.

Owner and Principal of Robin Human Capital

With 15 years of operational and strategic HR experience, she has a strong understanding of Employee Relations and the Human Resources function. She understands the importance and impact of strong workforce management, and the effect it can have on business success. Aimee has spent her time across a variety of industry sectors, in both Australian and Global Businesses, including Heavy Industry and Manufacturing, Logistics and Ports, Sales and Marketing and Call Centre.

Aimee Has Demonstrated Experience in Managing and Advising on

  • Managing People Risk – including process and policy design and implementation
  • Employee Lifecycle – From Employment Conditions and Contracts through to point of Termination.
  • Performance and Talent Management
  • Organisational and Team Design
  • Structural and Cultural Change
  • Employee Engagement and Communications Programs
  • Mergers and offshoring,
  • Restructuring, and redundancy programs;
  • Negotiating union relationships and EBAs;
  • and Strategic high-level business partnering.

Aimee has spent her entire career in within HR and organisational psychology, and has an extensive record of success partnering with various stakeholders from executive teams, through to team leaders and unions, to reach positive and sustainable commercial outcomes.

She has worked with businesses such as Asciano, Patrick Port Logistics, and Aristocrat Technologies, and has held position such as National Human Resource Manager, Industrial Relations Lead, and Stream Lead People and Culture –  Business Integration. Aimee is also a qualified Psychologist.

She is an Active Networker, and Enjoys Building business Connections. Please do not hesitate to contact her.


Our People

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Sara Zahorodny

Sara Zahorodny

Employee Relations Support

Bianca Elliott

Bianca Elliott

Senior Business Partner

Aimee Zahorodny

Aimee Zahorodny

Principle and Director

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